Our mission is to protect the hard-earned assets, financial independence, and dignity of people as they age, so they can live their best life.

Our Story

It’s estimated that older Americans lose $36 billion each year to financial exploitation and it’s known that the number is grossly underestimated. 

Extensive academic research shows social isolation and loneliness causes cognitive decline which leads to financial exploitation, so you can’t address the problem of exploitation without addressing social isolation. 

And goodness, do we know this problem.

When our co-founders were individually thrust into managing an older adult’s financial affairs and providing other forms of care, we immediately searched for solutions. Believe us, we were desperate for help, and we searched hard for answers, to no avail.

And the 43 million Americans who provided unpaid care this year are still searching for a comprehensive solution as well. We said, “there has got to be a better way.” 

Our focus is on creating a platform and support system where an older adult can be connected to the people that care about them, that provides the necessary tools and apps for the caregivers to fulfill their roles, and to protect ALL the older adult’s assets.

WayWiser is developing a private, secure, collaborative platform that will incorporate AI to help predict and prevent exploitation along with caregiving tools that allow quick, transparent management of a loved one’s financial affairs, providing both protection of their assets while narrowing the gap in social isolation.

Meet The Team

For us, our mission is personal. Every person on our team has experienced an older loved one who was scammed or exploited. We believe it takes a community to support an older adult and we understand each person has their own unique challenges.

Bryan Stolle

Co-Founder & CEO

Lindsay Faeder


Randal Burrier, Sr.


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