Coordinate care as a team with a shared calendar, collaborative notes and lists, a private activity feed, secure document storage and the power of a Trusted Circle to keep everything, and everyone, in sync.

How Does WayWiser Work?

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Your Trusted Circle

This is the core of WayWiser. It’s your caregiving team, altogether in one safe, private, and secure place.

Invite family, close friends, paid caregivers, and anyone else who either helps with the daily care of your loved one, manages their finances or legal needs, or simply needs to stay informed.

Shared Calendar

Simple coordination. Create events, manage appointments, align caregiving schedules, set reminders, track incidents, and more. From now on, everyone will know what’s coming up and what has taken place.

notes and lists

Notes & Lists

Shared information. Track caregiving tasks, manage medications, collaborate on shopping lists, store doctor notes, and share anything else that your Trusted Circle may need access to on any given day.

Access WayWiser from your phone or your computer so that you’re never missing critical information.

Activity Feed

Stay connected. Your private activity feed is a place to send daily caregiving updates, post photos, ask questions, and keep everyone connected on a daily basis.

This is strictly a place to talk about your loved one and their care.



Private & secure. Need a side conversation? Sick of searching all over your phone for that one thing about Mom or Dad?

Communicate directly through our secure, encrypted platform and be sure you can easily find your caregiving messages easily when you need them most.  

Document Storage

Your Family Vault. A secure place to store legal documents, insurance paperwork, ID’s, bank statements, and anything else that your Trusted Circle might need to access at a moment’s notice.

document storage

Word to the Wise

Knowing is half the battle. Our resource center – Word to the Wise – is filled with expert information to help you on your journey as a caregiver.

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