Everyone is a caregiver
why does this matter?

"There are only four kinds of people in this world:
those that have been caregivers,
those who are currently caregivers,
those who will be caregivers and
those who will need caregivers."

-Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady

What does it mean to be a caregiver?

Is it a full time job? Is it occasional check-ins over the phone? Is it something in the middle?

There are heaps of articles on the topic, but the answer is as nebulous as it ever was. We know that nearly everyone will care for someone at some point in their life, but there is still no categorical definition of what that actually means.

There are, however, a few things we at least think we know. For one, caregivers are empathetic. They understand and feel for other humans. They may be selfish at times (aren’t we all?), but ultimately they want to help those they love to live full and robust lives because they truly do care.

We also know that caregivers wear a lot of hats. They are doers. Within the same day they can be nurse, chef, maid, chauffeur, and friend. They are a flexible bunch and they may not even realize how much they are doing while they are entrenched in the day to day.

And finally, caregivers are quite attune to recognizing the challenges that come along with care, while also maintaining a bright disposition, knowing that it is all worthwhile in the end. They are positive thinkers. It’s all about those shining moments that come just when you need them most.

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