Frequently asked questions

WayWiser is a platform and support system where an older adult can be connected to the people who care about them within a Trusted Circle. We provide the necessary tools and apps for caregivers to fulfill their roles, to coordinate with others, and ultimately to protect their loved ones.

Not at all! The setup process takes only a few minutes and we have resources and how-to videos to help with any issue that may arise. Just look in the support tab at the top of the page.

Yes, they will need to join your Trusted Circle. We have made the invitation process quick and easy so anyone you want to invite is able to join your Circle with just a few clicks from within the app.

If you’re unsure how to add members to your Trusted Circle, you can see the instructions here.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your data is private and secure. Only those you personally invite into your Trusted Circle will be able to interact with messages, images, documents or any other information shared within your Trusted Circle.

Read on for full details on Trust & Security.

There is no one right answer to this question, but the best thing is to be honest and open with them. Just like discussing insurance, a trust, or power of attorney, it’s important to plan ahead and be ready for the day that something happens rather than be stuck trying to figure it out after it’s too late. 

WayWiser is an opportunity to create transparency across your family, allowing you to share precious moments in a brand new way. Focus on the positive, but be prepared for the negative.

WayWiser is currently available at zero cost to you or your Trusted Circle.

We recommend inviting anyone that you want to be involved in the caretaking process. This may be immediate or extended family members, lawyers, financial advisors, neighbors, or any other close family friends that you trust.

You can easily download WayWiser from your phone’s app store –

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Absolutely! Just head here to get started.