Vital Vault

Peace of mind in your pocket.

Health emergencies can make your world spin out of focus. Vital Vault delivers clarity amid chaos by keeping everyone's crucial medical information at your fingertips.

vital vault

Essential Details

Fill out all those pesky forms with ease.

Quick access to your loved one’s contact data and essential health information right there in the profile. It’s like a one stop shop for all those intake questions.

Medication Lists

Information at hand, not in the handbag.

Ditch the dig. Vital Vault provides instant access to your loved one’s entire medication list, simplfying hospital visits and streamlining healthcare management.


Conditions, Allergies, and More

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

When blinded by the flash of an emergency, it’s tough enough to remember where you put your keys. Vital Vault holds the answers to critical questions, providing peace of mind when you need it most.

Share data with the touch of a button.

Instantly share your loved one’s information with anyone on their care team or export a detailed, easy to read PDF that can be emailed, texted, or printed.

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