10 Great Apps For Older Adults

Here are 10 apps for older adults that we think you will love. Most or all of these apps are available through the iPhone and Google Play app stores.
best apps for older adults

If you have a smartphone, what apps do you have on it? If you haven’t downloaded any special apps recently, you may be missing out on ways to make your life easier. There are apps that help older adults manage their medications, connect with friends and family, listen to books, and manage passwords.

Here are 10 apps for older adults that we think you will love. Most or all of these apps are available through the iPhone and Google Play app stores.

Our Favorite Health Apps for Older Adults

1. Good Rx

This app helps you to save money on prescriptions. We all know how the cost of medications can add up. GoodRx will show you the price for prescription drugs at various pharmacies. Then you can use coupons in the app. You can also set up the GoodRx app to advise you when the price of a med drops.

2. Medisafe

Looking for a better way to manage your medications? Medisafe can help. First, input your prescriptions and their dosing. Next, Medisafe creates a schedule for when you should use your meds. The schedule will include an image of your pills. You’ll also get reminders for when to take your medications and a notification if you are running low on a med. Medisafe will let you know about drug interactions to avoid. You can set up Medisafe to include a friend or family member so they receive an alert if you miss a dose.

3. Magnifying Glass With Light

this magnifying glass with light is one of our favorite apps for older adults

How many times have you tried to read something and needed the text to be bigger, or you realized you needed more light to see? That’s where the app Magnifying Glass With Light comes in handy. As the name implies, you’ll be able to use the app as a full-screen magnifying glass and to add light. You can also take pictures of something within the app, so you can capture it forever in a form that is easier to read or see. This app will be useful in lots of settings, from a dark restaurant to reading a message that’s too small to see.

The Best Navigation App

4. Google Maps

You’ve probably used the GPS function on your phone to get directions somewhere. However, have you ever been able to use your phone to remember where you parked your car in a parking lot? This is another handy feature of Google Maps. Once you park your car, all you have to do is click on “Set as parking location,” which should correspond with a blue dot that indicates your location. Then, when you are returning to your car, click on “Directions” and then “Saved parking.”

Incredible Fitness Apps For Older Adults

5. MapMyWalk

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, especially as we get older which is why this makes the list for our best apps for older adults. Plus, during the pandemic, walks have served as a lifeline to help us get out of the house. By using MapMyWalk, you can track where and how far you’ve gone with your walks and find new routes to explore. The app also tracks how many calories you’ve burned and your pace. If you set personal goals on the app, it will give you feedback on your progress. The app also can sync with devices such as Apple Watch and Samsung Gear.

6. Mighty Health

Mighty Health is a fitness app specifically designed for those age 50 and up. When you use Mighty Health, it creates a customized fitness plan and provides access to 100+ joint-friendly, low-impact exercise videos. The app also provides nutrition plans vetted by doctors and trainers as well as a personalized fitness coach, courses on topics like healthy aging, and tools to track your fitness. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain your fitness, Might Health can help.

7. SilverSneakers GO

SilverSneakers is a fitness program geared toward seniors that you can find in gyms and online. The SilverSneakers GO app offers a variety of fitness workouts geared toward older adults. You can find workouts for various fitness levels, and you can make workouts harder or easier. The app includes meditation, strength, and walking, in addition to traditional fitness workouts. A SilverSneakers membership is covered under many Medicare Advantage plans.

Apps to Make Technology Easier to Use

8. LastPass

Do you ever feel that half your life is taken up by remembering or typing in passwords to access various websites—and then, the sites ask you to change your password to make it strong? Instead of all that extra mental work to remember passwords, use the app LastPass to store your passwords. The app also can autofill passwords for sites you use a lot, making life a whole lot easier. All you have to remember if your LastPass password.

Money-Saving and Finance Apps for Older Adults

9. AARP App

AARP tailors its information, discounts, and events to those age 50 and up. Through the app, stay in touch with exclusive AARP discounts, rewards, news, and events. If you sync the app with a fitness tracker, you can also earn points when you exercise.

10. Personal Capital

Looking for a better way to organize your retirement planning? Personal Capital can help. The app provides easy-to-follow visuals and projections regarding your retirement plans. You can use the app to figure out if you need to change any of your retirement savings plans. It’s also possible to track all of your financial accounts (not just retirement accounts) using the app.

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