5 Innovative Tech Devices to Help Older Adults Stay Safe and Organized

These devices are great both for seniors and their caretakers.
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Looking for ideas to add to your holiday gift list? There are lots of cool tech items with special benefits for seniors. These devices can help seniors stay organized and safe at home during the 2020 holiday season and beyond. Here are five devices that are great for seniors:

1. The Care Smart Watch

Verizon’s Care Smart Watch is specifically geared toward seniors and caregivers. Like other smart watches, you can use Care Smart to see who’s calling or texting you. However, this watch also has several preloaded messages to make it easier to respond to text messages. The watch also has an easy, three-touch navigation feature to access contacts, place calls, or respond to text messages. 

Caregivers can set up the Care Smart Watch several ways to assist their senior loved one:

  • They can input 10 trusted contacts in the watch for calling or texting, including a one-button emergency contact. Those contacts are the only ones who can call or text the watch wearer, so that lessens the chance of a scammer getting through.
  • Caregivers can set up important reminders for taking medicines, doctors’ appointments, and birthdays. 
  • Location sharing helps caregivers to know where their senior loved one is at any given time.

2. The Google Nest Hub Max

Smart devices throughout the home are making life easier for everyone, including seniors. Among other features, the Google Nest Hub Max can:

  • Play music.
  • Stream shows through services such as Netflix.
  • Facilitate video calls.
  • Create a video photo album.
  • Serve as a camera. This helps you to keep watch of the house if no one’s home. If you’re worried about senior loved ones, you can use the camera to help check on them. You can also set it up to provide motion and sound alerts from your home.

The device follows voice commands, so you can set it up for your senior loved one to easily call you or other trusted contacts.

3. Phone Soap UV Sanitizer

When’s the last time your senior loved one cleaned their smart phone? For most of us, it’s probably been awhile. However, our phones can harbor germs that we’ve picked up on our hands and then transferred onto the phone. In fact, phones can be 10 times dirtier than toilet seats. Yikes!

That’s why devices such as Phone Soap are a big hit this holiday season. Phone Soap uses ultraviolet-C light to sanitize phones and kill 99.9% of germs. You place the phone inside the rectangular phone container for a few minutes and it comes out clean. 

Phone Soap also charges your phone while it’s in the device. Additionally, it has two external charging ports. Plus Phone Soap can do more than just charge your phone. Its UV technology also can sanitize keys, credit cards, remote controls, ear buds, and money.

4.  Arlo Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have become more popular to help us safely see who is approaching our door. For seniors and their caregivers, video doorbells provide important safety information to see who is at the door. Video doorbells sync with your phone to provide motion-activated notifications. They also allow you to livestream video footage on your electronic device. The device also has night vision so you can still see what’s happening when it’s dark. The Arlo also has a Smart Siren to alert intruders when they are spotted. Users can also hear and speak to visitors. 

5. Nixplay Digital Photo Frames

If you have pictures you or your family want to enjoy year-round without scrolling through your phone or taking out a photo album, then a digital photo frame is the perfect purchase. You can download photos to the frame and they’ll display continuously. Family members can share photos with the frame via email, computer or via the Nixplay app. You can also choose from various sizes and frame finishes. Depending on your subscription, you can also send and display short video clips.

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