WayWiser Recognized with the Innovators in Aging Award

WayWiser was recently awarded for revolutionizing elder care and promoting healthy aging in Texas.
innovators in aging award

We at WayWiser are ecstatic to announce our recognition as a recipient of the esteemed 2022 Innovators in Aging award presented by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). This honor shines a light on individuals and organizations who have made meaningful, positive impacts on the lives of older adults in Texas.

With the anticipated increase of Texans aged 50 and older to over 11 million by 2030, the need for innovative solutions to support our seniors as they age has never been more critical. The Innovators in Aging award salutes organizations and individuals across Texas who dedicate each day to improving the lives of our older citizens and encourages others to pioneer bold and inventive ways to serve this growing population.

We’re incredibly honored to receive the award in the “Be Healthy” category, which celebrates pioneering initiatives that enhance wellness. Our unique platform fosters a private, secure, and collaborative environment where an aging parent can connect with family members, friends, and key professionals to seamlessly manage their care and safety as a team. The platform includes a care coordination feature that empowers users to post daily caregiving updates, schedule events or appointments, and handle medication needs, and much more.

Joining us in the “Be Healthy” category is Anavah Health, lauded for its innovative “smart brief” that helps caregivers detect and manage wetness in real-time. In the “Be Connected” category, Artifcts, stands out with its safe, secure space for preserving and sharing personal history, thus improving social engagement and well-being. The “Be Informed” category shines a light on those providing crucial information about services, treatments, policies, and programs to older adults and their families.

We view the Innovators in Aging award as recognition of both the tangible impacts of our platform today and its vast potential for the future. We feel privileged to have our efforts acknowledged by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and stand committed to our mission of helping us all age with grace and dignity.

This honor underscores our relentless commitment to innovation, aiming to offer peace of mind and foster healthier outcomes for older adults. Together, we can envision a future where all individuals can age with dignity, respect, and grace.

We extend our congratulations to all other recipients of the Innovators in Aging award and we look forward to working alongside these trailblazing contributors to the field of aging care.

More details about the Innovators in Aging award can be found on the Innovators in Aging webpage.

To learn about programs and services for older adults in Texas, residents can call 2-1-1.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can redefine the experience of aging in Texas.

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