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Nobody knows it all. Let's continue to learn from those around us and lean on trusted resources to help us thrive.
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This is the sixth article in our series about The Wiser Way – a methodology to manage all of the “What ifs” that go along with aging.

Learning. It’s the final piece of our Wiser Way methodology, but it is by no means the last thing you should be thinking about. The good news is, if you’re reading this sentence, you’re traveling the right path.

First, a short fable…

A Fable: The Learning Owl

In a quiet forest, a wise owl embodied the spirit of learning. It encouraged others to embrace curiosity and the joy of discovery.

Gathering its friends under the moonlit sky, the owl shared stories that sparked conversation. It taught them to ask questions, admit when they didn’t know something, and share stories that could help others on their own paths.

Together, they embarked on adventurous journeys, learning from diverse experiences. They viewed obstacles as opportunities for growth and adaptation.

Over time, the owl’s friends transformed, becoming more knowledgeable and at ease. They embraced continuous learning and its power to shape their lives.

One day, the owl faced a profound mystery. It turned to its friends, sharing the predicament. Together, they pooled their knowledge, finding creative solutions.

They realized that learning was a collective journey. Each friend brought unique perspectives, enriching the group’s wisdom.

Moral of the story: Embrace curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. It’s okay not to know everything; nobody does. Commit to asking questions, seeking answers, and growing together on the journey of learning.

Learning – What Does It Mean?

It’s likely that learning doesn’t need much of an explanation. 

What it does need, however, is a reminder or two.

Reminder number one is that it’s absolutely okay not to know everything. Whether you’re caring for a newborn baby or an aging parent, nobody has all the answers. 

confused person who doesnt know everything

You know how when you were a little kid you saw your parents and your parents friends as these wise adults who knew everything about the world, but then you became a so-called adult and realized that those people you looked up to were most likely clueless? Well it isn’t just you who feels that way. 

I read a quote recently where someone in their 60’s stated, “in my mind I’m still a teenager, it’s just my body that tells me that I’m not.”

It’s standard. In fact, it is the standard. We accumulate tons of knowledge throughout our lives, but when it comes down to it—we never really feel like we’re totally grown up. Our knees might be a bit more creaky, but we can still feel scared and small when out there in the world. And that’s okay. Embrace it. Realize that you aren’t dumb for not knowing everything. Even doctors and nurses need help when it comes to caring for their aging family members. 

And that brings us to reminder number two—use everything and everyone around you to your advantage.

women conversing

Every caregiving situation is unique. No two families are the same and no two situations within A family are the same. But there are trillions of people out there who have been through it before or are going through it right alongside you. Use these people and their information. When you’re chatting with friends, don’t just ask them what they are watching on Netflix. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them if they are having anxiety about their parents or their kids. Share your experiences and help each other learn. You’ll be amazed how much people will open up if you simply ask about their lives.

If you’re doing that…and you’re still reading…you’re in a really good place.

That’s because resources like our newsletter and our blog, Word to the Wise, are fabulous places to browse and learn. Instead of 15 minutes on Instagram or reading about the latest fashion trends, scroll through a blog about caregiving. Learn about techniques. Learn about the hardships that others are facing. Learn about frauds and scams that are attacking older adults on a regular basis. And learn how to help your loved ones age gracefully.

We’ve built WayWiser to make it all a bit easier to connect with those you trust in a safe and secure place and learn what you need to know. When you’re looking for a place to begin your journey along The Wiser Wiser, it’s a good place to start.

Invest Today to Protect Tomorrow

Whatever your personal situation may be, we all have people we can learn from. We all have days when we need to give up total control, realizing that our siblings or another member of our Trusted Circle might actually have more information at their fingertips than we do.

Similarly, we know for a fact that we don’t know it all and people in the community can be a great resource for helping us get the tough stuff done.

There are, of course, plenty of tools that can be used to empower each other in a digital format, but we’ve built WayWiser to make it all a bit easier for you and your family to prepare for and manage the future all in one safe and secure place.

Have another question? Ask an expert.

Our team is here for you. If you have a question about caring for an older adult or other member of your family—be it physical, legal, medical, financial, or anything in between—we’ll have one of our Trusted Advisors get back to you ASAP.

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